Timberwood is a rural 120 acre development offering 13 parcels that are for the most part remote hunting and camping type parcels. Timberwood is located in Cheboygan County, Inverness Township, Sections 7 & 8, T32N-R2W. Timberwood is approximately 5.5 miles west of the city of Cheboygan and about 2 miles (as the crow flies) east of I75. Just a short walk to over 360 acres of State Land. Timberwood is located on a private road and private trail roads. The main private road is Minch Road, which runs west off of Hill Road, the private road that runs south off of Minch Road is Timberwood Court. Hill Road is a year round county maintained gravel road. Electricity is at the roadway of all parcels.

Take I-75 north to Exit 325 and go east (right), this is the Levering Road, go approximately 5 1/4 miles to Inverness Trail Road (there is a salvage yard on the southeast corner of this intersection) turn south (right) on Inverness Trail Road, go 2 miles to Maynard Road, turn west (right) follow Maynard Road 2 1/4 miles to where it curves to the south (left) follow the curve, go another 1/2 mile, you will come to Minch Road, also at this point the road turns into a seasonal road, turn west (right) onto Minch Road, go 1/2 mile, you will come to Timberwood Court, which is the only road to the south (left)

Parcel 2: turn south (left) here go about 300 feet and the driveway for Parcel 2 is on the east side (left)

Parcels 6 & 7: turn south (left) on Timberwood Court, follow this road around the curve to the east (left) Parcel 7 will be the second drive to the south (right), for Parcel 6 continue going east the drive for Parcel 6 is the third drive to the south (right).

Parcel #6
10.03 Acres
A very unique parcel of land featuring both high ground and a peat bog. Campsite is located so you can create a view of the peat bog if you choose too. The Peat bog seems to be for the most part pretty dry with some small bushes. This parcel has a nice stand of hardwoods and a few White Pine trees. Bulldozed driveway and campsite has been installed. Short walk to State Land.
$1000.00 down, $330.00 per month, 11% Land contract, no balloon or penalty for early pay off, and there is no balloon payment due.

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